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What's News?

6/8/2004 8:49:44 PM
There's been update to the ORLibrary which now bears the label 1.3C. This is just a service release containing a few bug fixes. (Sorry, life's getting a little busy right now.)

3/7/2004 9:26:34 PM
The latest revision of the ORLibrary is 1.3B, announced today on RAIF.

2/29/2004 2:35:09 PM
There's lots of news! Months of anticipation have finally come to fruition and the Inform 6.3 final is out!

This new release solves many of the issues that have historically plagued ORLibrary users, including that pesky nested #ifdef bug that only seemed to be patched on some of the current compilers and the unchangeable ceilings on the maximum number of source files and the maximum number of nested includes.

Additionally, the new 6.11 standard library that comes with the compiler has prompted dozens of behind-the-scene changes to the ORLibrary and rendered seven modules obsolete:
The current ORLibrary (1.3A) has been revised extensively to take advantage of several new Inform features and will no longer support the 6.21 compiler or its associated 6.10 library. The 6.3 compiler (currently available for Windows and Linux, with more platforms forthcoming, I'm sure) and the 6.11 standard library are the current targets. For those of you that are hesitant about taking the plunge, the last version of the ORLibrary that targets 6.21 is the 1.0c release, still downloadable at the following URL:


Next, in addition to a few module-used-modules, a couple of additional extensions now join ORLibrary:

ORNPC_GoalDriven allows you to specify actions to an NPC and have the character perform these actions when they become possible.

ORActionQueue provides the workings for multi-turn player actions. Using this module, the creation of commands that take several turns (such as WAIT 10 TURNS or GO TO THE LIBRARY) is now largely simplified.

2/8/2004 4:07:19 AM
I've bumped the ORLibrary's version stamp to 1.2D. In addition to a few bug fixes and a new module (ORReview), every module has been translated into a new format, which eases slightly the burden of using individual library entries without the framework. Additionally, the framework is now slightly more intelligent at catching errors and compile-time output is a bit more descriptive.

On the down side, the article "Using the ORLibrary Entries Without the Framework" is now inaccurate and out-of-date.

2/2/2004 1:40:44 AM
Two more ORLibrary modules have been rendered obsolete by the new 6.3 compiler and 6/11 standard library: ORStyleItalics and ORStyleRvrsMonospace. These have been archived from the ORLibrary. In order to help offset some of this reduction, a new module has been introduced: ORActionMenu, which can be used to display actions in a menu. CYOA-type games are one possible use for this.

In light of the recent module additions, revisions, and bug fixes, the version has been bumped and release 1.2C is now available.

The complete "What's News" history can be found here.